Who We Are

We take this opportunity to introduce us as “IB Ship Spares” Leading Suppliers of all types of Marine Machinery and Equipments.

As you are well aware, India is a big market for scrapping of old vessels, or should we say it is the biggest at the moment considering the number of vessels that are scrapped here every year. Most of the vessels are being scrapped for economic reasons. When the vessels come in for beaching they still have lot of good machinery on board which can be easily utilized for a long time. Majority of the parts are in good and reusable condition as they have been taken out from running vessels with some of them actually being new since they were stocked on board as spares.

We know, today with all the new regulations coming in and the quality of staff that is manning the vessels, all of you are busy in your day to day matters and may not have had time to think seriously about the benefits that can be availed in the spares market. If you are interested in reducing your costs, on procurement of spares, then do spend two minutes reading this mail and giving your requirements for your next orders.

We have all the commitment, enthusiasm and experience that a good ship supplier needs, alongside this we are also striving to show ourselves as something a little different, a company with a vision for ship supply that means doing the best we can, whatever it takes, to provide the customer with what today’s shipping business needs. At “IB Ship Spares” we understand we are here to fulfill our customers’ requirements or desires, no matter how small or large. The same care and professionalism is taken each and every time, and we understand the importance of delivering a first class ship-supply service. We know the importance of in-time supply at Vessel, so we always care for punctuality in our commitments.

“Whether it is down to sourcing specialized engine spares, supplying the freshest foods, servicing safety items on board or complying with environmental issues at “IB SHIP SPARES” we truly understand the complete needs of the marine industry”

We are very much interested in starting a long and mutually beneficial relationship between our two organizations and are sure that if given a chance you will be fully satisfied with our services.

If you have any other query or requirements then please contact us without any hesitation.